We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before the appointment to fully benefit from the treatment. They use this time to enjoy a refreshment and to complete the health history form.

This form contains the information your therapist needs to provide you with the most appropriate and effective services.

In case of late arrival, your treatment time will be reduced according to your delay. All treatments begin and end on time to ensure a smooth process.

Upon arrival at Bali's you will receive a bathrobe, a towel and a pair of slippers, on request also a disposable panty. Please respect the private and quiet atmosphere in Bali.

Speak quietly and avoid unnecessary noise.

Please switch off your mobile phone during your stay with us.

The Balispa is a smoke-free zone within all its premises. However, we offer you the opportunity to smoke on our terrace overlooking the lake.

Please do not bring pets to your treatment.

Unfortunately we have no possibility to accommodate toddlers or companions under 14 who are not waiting for their own treatment.

The consumption of own food and drinks is not allowed at Balispa.

We do not offer any intimate massage!

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