About us

Andrea & Erie:

„We have been searching for the world-class spa treatments for ages, and we know exactly what it takes to create an unforgettable experience.“

Every vision has its time...

and that comes for Andrea Jiménez and Erie Tresnawati in 2014. Two women from different continents, both experienced professionals from the wellness industry, are fate coincidentally merged at the airport of Dubai. What connects them immediately is a shared vision, a dream, a life's work: a extraordinary spa retreat of the highest standard without compromise.

A perfect symbiosis

Andrea brings an international career as Plastic Surgery Nurse in Rio de Janeiro and 15 years of experience at the Ritz Carlton Spa. Master Practitioner Erie from the 5 star Wellness Resort Bali comes from a long family tradition of holistic therapists and begins assisting her grandmother at the age of 12. It's a match made in heaven.

Four years later...

It was a nice piece of work to realize this dream, but no less dreamlike is the result. The result is a luxurious boutique spa in exquisite Balinese decor - completely handmade by local artists from Bali. In addition, a selected range of traditional Balinese applications, implemented with exquisite organic care products for the protection, care and rejuvenation of the skin.

Our philosophy…

It is very simple: every guest is unique and that is exactly how his treatment should be. BALISPA always looks at the whole person, treats individually and with his work unites body, mind and soul again into a harmonious unity. "Tri-Hita - Karana" is the name in Bali and that is exactly what can be felt in all BALISPA applications.

Social project

Our social commitment

The care products we use were actually touched by the spirit and soul of the "Island of the Gods" as we import everything directly from Bali. Ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation are the basis for every product. 100% ecological, always freshly mixed and carefully handcrafted. But that's not all. This family business in Bali is run by women who are determined to give a positive social impulse. They only employ single mothers who would otherwise have very little opportunity to support their family Everything you encounter at Balispa, from furniture to decoration to implements, has been designed and handcrafted by local Bali craftsmen. Nameless artists with boundless imagination and creativity, but who have very little chance of ever making their art accessible. By using these wonderful creations, we are happy to fund and support the vision and determination, as well as the untiring efforts of these people to support the local economic situation in Bali.

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